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Inventing Elliot

Inventing Elliot
Part 4 (Chapter 13-18)
1. Elliot really likes his teacher and his mother so I think that Elliot is afraid to talk to them
about his problems because he doesn’t want to let them down. He wants to make them
proud not the opposite.
2. Louise liked Elliot so much because he wasn’t like the others. She thought he was different
that he was someone she could talk to. Louise is uncertain about her feelings towards Elliot
because he made mistake ones by letting his others “masks” /“personalities” effect his
relationship with her. Because of that mistake Louise questioned who Elliot really is.
3. No it’s not fair no one should have that kind of power and it’s not fair to Elliot ether. He is
being forced to do something he doesn’t want and because he knows how that feels he
shouldn’t let someone else get throw the same things.
4. I think it’s the right choice but Ben didn’t do something wrong why should he move? The
bullies should move not him but then again if he stayed what could he do make a deferens in
his life. If he told someone everything could get worse or better is Ben willing to take that
chance? If they didn’t move Ben and Elliot could have contacted the police so the bullies had
to move instead. It all was there fault so why should the victims move and not the bullies?
5. Louise once told him “He chooses to disobey the system. He obeys what he believes and risks
everything. So he makes himself free…” It was Louise’s words who inspired him to take
action so he could make himself free like the character from the book.
6. “You can’t kill me, I’m already dead” means that he has been hurt so many times mentally
that he feel like he is dead. They can’t hurt him more because he has been through the
worst. Alex in “Bully” says that he doesn’t feel anymore that means that he has get used to
the bullying. I think at first it’s hard to get bullied because you are not used to it, you know
it’s not something that should happen but when someone says they don’t feel it any more
that sign for someone who have get used to it.
7. The similarities between “Inventing Elliot” and “Bully” is that they both are about bullying
and how people get effected from bullying. I think the both have the same theme, that
bullying is something we all know is happening. But what are we doing to stop it? “Inventing
Elliot” and “Bully” have the same message and want people to learn from it.
The differences are that the book is written in details and is about one story. “Bully” is about
many stories and you can really see how hard it is to get through bullying. “Bully” is sadder
than the book.