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Lin' an Hengdeli Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.

Lin' an Hengdeli Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, focuses on researching, developing and
producing high-efficiency energy-saving lamps and lighting. Hengdeli located in beautiful Li nan city, Hangzhou,
covering land of 15000m2, we have our own R&D Department, Testing Lab and Production Lines with annuel
output more than 30 million pieces.
We produce different series of LED lighting products:LED Global Bulbs、LED Spotlights、LED Down Lights、LED
Tube、LED Automobile Light、LED Street Lights、LED Grow Light.
Our Environmental Compact Fluorescent Lamp includes:Single U Series、2U Series、3U Series、4U Series、Spiral
Series and Lotus Series.
Hengdeli has followed through Total Quality Control, and strictly enforce the IS09000 quality management
system, offer OEM services and has strong ability to do ODM projects. Till now have built good cooperation
relationship with many listed companies.
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