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Taizhou Gerui Vehicle Co

Taizhou Gerui Vehicle Co.,Ltd ,Founded in Sep 2014, Taizhou Gerui Vehicle Co.,Ltd is located in Taizhou,Zhejiang
province, the hometown of motorcycles, luxury electric vehicles and molds in China.We mainly focus on
production, research, development and sales of electric vehicles, electric scooter, mini electric vehicles, electric
bicycles, toy cars production with patent analysis, developing domestic dealer trade team and foreign trade,
attracting overseas customers, training leaders of trade personnel window.
Our factory has the traditional electric vehicle industry's fine bloodline, gathers the super strong design and
development ability. Our technical support system is perfect. Our quality request is excellent with good public
praise in the industry. Moreover, we have large production sites and automatic production lines.
All the employees are familiar with the development of the industry for more than ten years, and have strong
cohesion, sense of responsibility and excellent technology and craftsmanship.
Our factory has complete production, assembly, storage and other supporting hardware, more professional team
configuration sales, sales documentary, physical control department, production PMC, IQC\QC to meet any
customer requirements with high quality products.
We are integrated with the city on a daily basis. The good and bad urban environment is directly related to us
Physical and mental health, the city's cars filled with all the streets and lanes, which we paranoid design feelings
have to stand up, to the city traffic to send a perfect gift for riding a bicycle life, very light, minimalist, extreme
Easy, this is the beginning of our world car.
In 2014, the first folding electric car belonging to Grey was successfully developed. This is our first Paragraph
smart series. Our stylish personality city electric bike riding life begins from here
With the advantage of light weight & foldable design , you can carry and park kick scooter everywhere at
anytime, very convenient for short driving.
Hoverboard provides a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation,It Includes an ultra-safe and
reliable UL-Certified battery and an easy to use charger.
Electric Bike in deluxe version is a compact electric scooter in bike design with a big battery capacity and disc
brakes front and rear.
All our motorcycle models have EEC( CE ROHS FCC LVD) certification according to EU directives. Big power
battery 60V 20Ah with long driving range (up to 50km)
Clock up your micro miles, in the secure knowledge that all Scooters especially 3 wheel electric scooters are
patented and Swiss designed with meticulous attention to detail.
Taizhou Huangyan Gerui Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Add:36 Huifeng South Road,Jiangnan Street,Linhai City,Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province China
Tel: 0086-755-89236858
Fax: 0086-755-89236858
mail: [email protected]
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