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Fullway Technology Co

Fullway Technology Co., Ltd.
Fullway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of high-precision
copper strip and copper tubes products, widely used in electronics, computers, communications,
electric power, automotive, railway, aerospace and other fields. Currently, it is one of the largest
copper strips manufacturers in Jiangsu province and one of the largest pure copper strip
manufacturers in China; it has a high reputation and influence in the industry. Based on
high-grade and high-end market, the company can produce more than 40,000 tons of
high-precision copper strips.The company's products sell well in domestic well-known enterprises,
and are exported to Japan,South Korea,Malaysia,Thailand,Saudi Arabia,Egypt and the United
States, and more than 30 countries.The company has become an important copper belt supplier
for many large enterprises at home and abroad.
We have a diversified copper strip product line. Relying on our own factory, flexible production
chain and efficient sales system, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions.
Our copper strips are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle East, Europe and America. We
have become an important copper strip supplier for many large companies."
We have professional R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to
customer’s drawings or samples.
We have a variety of independent intellectual property production processes to meet customers’
development and production of different specifications, different grades and different
performance products.
Fullway Technology Co., Ltd
Address:Linhu Economic Zone,Qidu Town,Wujiang District,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province
E-mail:[email protected]