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qrb l1 large capacity automatic filling machine
Technical performance parameters and structural characteristics
1. The scope of application
QRB-L1 large-capacity automatic filling machine is suitable for packaging liquid materials of
2.5-10L large pillow bags, such as drinking water, edible vegetable oil, disinfectant milk, white
wine, milk, fruit wine, soy sauce, vinegar, pesticides, etc.
2. The type, structure and basic parameters
1. Type: The filling machine can automatically complete the packaging process such as film
disinfection, bag making, filling, metering, sealing, capping and date printing in the liquid
packaging process.
Structure: The filling machine adopts closed structure, modular design, PLC control, pneumatic
transmission, ultraviolet sterilization, photoelectric calibration pattern and so on.
qrb cj8000 automatic liquid soft packaging machine
Technical performance parameters and structural characteristics
1. Scope of application
QRB-CJ8000 ultra-clean automatic liquid packaging machine (hereinafter referred to as packaging
machine) is a special equipment for automatic and clean packaging of pasteurized liquid in
ultra-clean enclosed space. Packaging machines are widely used in soft packaging of milk, soy
milk, juice, beverages, mineral water, soy sauce, edible vinegar, liquid cosmetics, fertilizers
and pesticides.
2. type, structure and basic parameters
1.1 Type: The packaging machine uses a composite plastic packaging material to package the liquid.
In the packaging process, including film unwinding, automatic sterilization, film bag forming,
quantitative filling, automatic counting, printing date, sealing cutting and automatic delivery,
etc. The processes are all automatically completed by the PLC programmable controller controlled
pneumatic mechanism in the ultra-clean enclosed space. The structure and performance of the
packaging machine are in accordance with the provisions of GB/T17313-2009 "General technical
conditions for bag forming-filling-sealing machine".
2.1 Structure: The packaging machine is mainly composed of body skeleton, pneumatic mechanism,
film support, film bag sterilization, film bag forming, quantitative filling and printing date,
film bag sealing, cutting, CIP backwashing, PLC, touch screen electrical control, etc.
cup and box canned sealing machine
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