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Abrasive scourer adhesive
Abrasive pads are nonwoven fabrics. They are made of synthetic fibers chemically
bonded together with a resin. The abrasive feature is obtained by including grains
of metal or other materials like sand before the bonding.
RF-8244 Hard Adhesive For Coated Abrasives
Acrylic Polymer Emulsion
RF-8244 is acrylic emulsion, the dried film is hard and has toughness, suitable
for lining, home decoration, medical inspection,cleaning cloth and other
non-woven fabric coating with high requirements on toughness and washing
This product has high tensile strength, good resistance to washing and dry
cleaning, has a certain toughness, non-woven cloth can form a tough film, mixed
with other latex, can form a suitable hardness of the product, while maintaining
high strength and high washing resistance. RF-8244 can withstand high temperature
yellowing. High mechanical stability, can be sprayed, scratched,impregnated use.
It has good compatibility with phenolic resin and can disperse evenly with resin.