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Taizhou Huaxi Mould Co.,Ltd

Taizhou Huaxi Mould Co., Ltd
Taizhou Huaxi Mould Co., Ltd is famous China plastic cabinet mould manufacturers and cabinet
mould suppliers, which mainly in the production of daily necessities plastic moulds. Total in a year,
Huaxi produces around 200-300 sets moulds, mainly supply and wholesale chair moulds, table
moulds, stool moulds, crate moulds, dustbin moulds, bucket mould, basket moulds, flowerpot
moulds, auto bumper moulds etc. We have mould design department, mould production
department,Plastic Auto Parts Mould Manufacturers mould quality control department, mould
foreign sales department. our wholesale plastic cabinet mould are mainly exported to Europe,
North America, Middle east, Asia and Africa.
Taizhou Huaxi Mould Co.,Ltd.
Add:No.31 Beiyuan Road North Industrial Zone Huangyan Taizhou City Zhejiang, China
Phone:0086-13116581155/ 0086-13857618509
E-mail:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected]
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