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Farm fence

Farm Fence
Farm fence used for small or big animal control in your farms or a home
backyard, around the house back yard balcony, at a garden. This material
is made from plastic with extrude process, it can provide different mesh
size according to the final purpose you want. Fencing material to enclose
a chicken run coop, rabbit fence pen, cat screen to keep out rodent country
predators pests out and keep pets out of apple orchard, vegetable garden,
flower raised beds. Compared with mental material , it is lightweight ,
economic, easy to handle and install. It is errosion and rot resistant
and will be the best choice for your farms!
Windbreak Fence
NAITE supplies Windbreak Fence,which is manufactured from a HDPE plastic
and is designed to reduced wind speeds by dissipating the winds energy.
Windbreak mesh netting offers protection for gardens, crops, plants,
nurseries and animals breeding areas on farms from strong winds. There
are two kinds of this fence, one is the hexagonal ,the other is oval mesh,
both can provide more than 50% wind reduction.
Crop Protective Netting
NAITE's Crop Pretective Netting is a bi-oriented polypropylene netting,
with square mesh. It is light weight but strong with its special process.
It can prevent birds from roosting and nesting in undesirable areas or
from eating fruit or crops especially for your farms, and your
vineyard,orchards.NAITE supplies two different weight and meshes for
different usage. The Light weight is with 3/4'' opennings, and canbe make
from 10-20gsm, the heavy grade is with 1/2'' holes and 30-40gsm.
Plant Support Netting
NAITE's plant support net canbe used both vertically and horizontally.
It can provide a good support for your crops like cucumber, peas, bean,
tomatos, peppers. When the plants climbing through the netting, it can
provide more sunshine and a cleaner enviroment for them. With the plant
support net, you may get bigger and more harvest as it won't laid on the
soily which will cause rot. For your farms, it can be widely used in big
area, which will save a lot of labors. Plant support net is really a
economical choice for large area planting.