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Yuyao Kaidi Display Instruments Co.,Ltd
Yuyao Kaidi Display Instruments Co.,Ltd. is a professional China EN3 Certified Gauge
Manufacturers and EN3 Certified Gauge Factory, Our products get EN3-7 approval and
established Quality management system ISO9001- 2015.Now we have more than 100 staffs,
including 10 specialized engineers and we sets of digital Bourdon pressure gauge control
machines and automatic production lines. We specialize in EN3 Certified Gauge to Europe,
Middle East, Southeast, Australia. Our target is to make the quality stability and excellence of our
products well known all over the world. better price and better service to the customers. KAIDI is
a good supplier of pressure gauges for your fire extinguishers and we will try all our efforts to
offer you better service.welcome to visit our factory.
EN3 is a European standard certificate for products. Products obtained EN3 certificate indicates it
has a safe performance and good quality. All European fire extinguisher producers are required to
use pressure gauges with qualified EN3 test reports.
2.KD01-EN3 CERTIFIED GAUGE Copper casing nickel plated, inner copper movement,pointer with
copper and unbreakable PC plastic.The material does not fatigue after subject to 1000 pressure
cycle test. The diaphragm structure enables it not to leak under a pressure 6 times of the working
pressure. The window is made from unbreakable PC plastic. The indication is accurate and clear
to read.Temperature:
Work at temperature from -30℃ to 60℃
Thread: Diaphragm pressure gauge
M10x1-12.5 or NPT 1/8
Indication Accuracy:
Beginning of the green zone: ≤+1bar
End of the green zone: ±0.6bar
Working Pressure: ±0.5bar