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Customized Printing Face Mask

Customized Printing Face Mask
ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD is a company specializing in the
production and wholesale of customized printing face mask. As an
experienced customized printing face mask suppliers and customized
printing face mask manufacturers in China, our customized printing face
mask use three-layer non-woven fabric, non-toxic With high air
permeability and comfort, BBN printing & production creates visual
aesthetics and engineering design through the facilities of paper
transfer printing, ultrasonic welding,letterpress resin print, 3D
embossing, etc.
Street Football Eco Printing Face Mask
Product Materials: Spunbond nonwoven fabric for outer & inner
layer, and meltblown nonwoven for mid-layer filtration.
Standards: T/CTCA 7-2019 Protective Mask
Product Specifications: Flat Earloop 17.5cm*9.5cm 士 5%
Product Type: Sterilized & Non-Sterilized
Packing Specification: 10 pcs/bag, 50 pcs/box,
3000 pcs/carton (50 pcs' 60 boxes)
Box Size: 20*10*9cm
Carton Size: 62*43*48cm
Packing Specification: 10 pcs/bag, 50 pcs/box,
3000 pcs/carton (50 pcs* 60 boxes)
Box Size: 20* 10*9cm
Carton Size: 62*43*48cm
Disposable Seamless Printing Face Mask Manufacturer
Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhengqun Medical Co., Ltd. is a disposable seamless
printing face mask manufacturer and disposable seamless printing face
mask company in China. We wholesale disposable seamless printing face mask.
Our disposable seamless printing face mask use REACH environmental
protection printing and high-quality meltblown masks. Woven fabric
protection, set up breathing safety barrier, safe to use, our seamless
printed masks include a variety of pattern designs, fashionable designs,
suitable for a variety of occasions, and can customize colors and patterns
according to your requirements.