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Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co.,Ltd. established in 1982, is one of the domestic
manufacturers with the most complete varieties and specifications of transmission machinery,
integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. It has a precision machining center
boasting a set of equipment needed for processing, heat treatment and testing. Excellent
engineering and technical personnel and experienced employees with scientific working attitude
and scientific management system can meticulously solve every problem, so that our products
have successfully found wide application in dozens of field covering metallurgy, mining,
machinery, energy, transportation, Bevel Helical Gearboxes water conservancy, chemical industry,
light industry, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, food, textile, construction, building
materials, tobacco, logistics, and environmental protection. It has successively provided excellent
services for the Three Gorges Project, Mount Tai and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plants, the
construction of Pudong International Airport and Beijing Olympics, etc. Its products are exported
to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and Asia.
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