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DongJing Group Profile

DongJing Group
DongJing Group. Has become the backbone and leading enterprise,
the large-scale and standardized enterprise in Hangzhou Bay New
We have introduced advanced equipment, raw material and
scientific and technological talentsfrom Taiwan, the United
States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other regions
and countries, so as to study new technology, research and
develop new products and explore new markets. Our fabrics are
on a par with furs. The main products including warp knitting
series of fashionable imitation of wool fabrics, hairless
simulation of mink hair, fox hair, raccoon hair,fox hair,rabbit
air and 3070wool series, which are in the lead position in the
industry and are widely used in clothing,home textile and other
fields, with annual production capacity of 50 million meters.
The chairman Mr. Cen adheres to the value of“god rewards those
who work hard and great virtue can carry all things” and the
business philosophy of “being oriental classics and making plush to
provide warm for all who need it”. He leads the employees of
Dongjing who are diligent, simple, steady, studious and pioneering,
uniquely creating the core culture of company -- Green Camps.
Green is the symbol of Dongjing, which means green commitment,
green responsibility, green care and green harmony and
Dongjingrepresentsthe East China sea,which is vast, broad-minded
and aims high.
To make high-end green artificial fur,let fashion enter
thousands of households.
To be a gobal leader in artificial fur industry (2024)
Values: Customerfist
sincere and trustwotthy,innovative,grateful
and dicated,win-vwin situation.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +86 574-63010000/63903702
Fax: +86 574-63903818
Adderss: No. 150 Binhai 2 Road, Hangzhou Bay New District, Cixi,