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Development Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Development Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd.
About us
Development Vacuum Equipment CO., Ltd. has been established in
2000 and specializes in the manufacturing and design of various
vacuum pumps and vacuum systems. After twenty years of efforts,
the company has been developing rapidly. At present, DVE has
already set up a more comprehensive quality management system
as well as large-scale design and manufacturing capability. As
a professional vacuum valve Manufacturers and China vacuum
accesscory suppliers, the company mainly produces various
kinds of slide valve vacuum pumps, roots vacuum pumps and screw
dry vacuum pumps, etc., which integrates advanced, reliable,
practical and economical in one.
DVE vacuum pumps are widely used in single crystal furnace,
ingot funace, many kinds of metallurgy and heat treatment
funaces, vacuum coating machine, vacuum drying, vacuum
impregnating, vacuum distillation , vacuum degassing,
aerospace simulation testing, etc. Our products are mainly
exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, Iran,
South Korea, Finland, Austria and other countries.
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Add: Donggang Industrial Zone,Silin, Sanmen,Zhejiang,China
Tel: +86-576-83598308 / 83598318 / 83598328
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E-mail: [email protected]