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Master Packing Co.,Ltd.

Master Packing Co.,Ltd.
Master Packing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1997, is a leading China PET Blowing Machines suppliers
and Bottle Blowing Machines manufacturers, Master Packing focus on Injection mold machine,
PET/PP bottle blowing machine, PET/Glass/Can filling line,Also Master Packing supply the labeling
machine and molds. Because of Advanced CNC machinery,5 axis drilling machine, Lathe, a group
of more than 15 years experienced engineers, Master brand Packing machine now exported
more than 87 countries and district. Master packing design and manufacturing the simplest
machine, let customer has ability to run and operate the machine in short time,Meanwhile,
Master packing is strict with the quality control, Supply customer with stable and long life
Injection Machine
Master Packing joint with Ningbo injection company to supply customers with 10T-4,000T,
injection weight 45g---40,000g, more than 30 kinds of specification injection mold machine.
Master injection machine has energy-saving, environment-friendly, low noise, high rigidity,
excellent performance, fast response, and high efficiency. With advanced servo motor and
famous brand parts, Master injection machine becomes many customers' optimal choice for
Injection needs.
Filling Machine
In 2005, Master start producing water filling machine. Now Master produces Mineral/spring
water, purified water, fruit juice, beverage, carbonated soft drinking, oil, and daily chemical filling
machine, and we also supply with water treatment, beverage processing, and auxiliary machine,
Filling speed is from 2,000BPH---48,000BPH, and also do A--Z and turnkey project.
Bottle Machine
Master Packing manufacturing design and produce the fully automatic bottle blowing machine
more than 20 years, now we can produce 1--16 cavity, 10ml---30L PET bottle with the output
100--19,200BPH.All Master blowing machine can connect to the filling line. Master packing
supply bottle blowing mold and preform and cap injection mold. Our quick change blow mold can
save a lot of time and effort on change mold.
Labeling Machine
Master Packing offers 3 kinds of labeling machines, First is sticker labeling machine can meet
customers with round, square, dual side labeling need. Second is the shrink sleeve labeling
machine which can meet normal and unique bottle shape labeling. The third is Hot melt labeling
machine which is widely used in the high efficiency while cost-effective need.
Packing Machine
Injection Mold
Packaging Material
Our Honor
Master Packing Co.,Ltd.
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