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Corrugated Catheter Mount

Shaoxing Reborn Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
Corrugated Catheter Mount
Scope of application:
The extension tube which connects the ventilator circuit and
the artificial airway
·The interface can be rotated in both directions to adapt to
multiple posturesof patients
·In the case of uninterrupted ventilation, sputum suction and
other related operations can be performed through the operating
hole , which effectively guarantees the safety of patients
·Made of medical grade PP and EVA
Reservoir Bag-Latex
Scope of application:
supporting use of anesthesia breathing circuit, air storage bag,
simulated lung
·Standard 22F quick connector (non-blocking and non-leakage
design reduces inflation impedance and is easy to operate)
·Used by a single patient toreduce cross-infection
·Comply with YY/T0978-2016/ISO5362: 2006 standard
·Economical and practical