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 How long can i get the feedbacks after we sent the inquiry?
We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
2. Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?
We are the manufacturer.
3. Can you do customized products?
Yes,we accept customized products according to the customers’ drawings or
Tape measure spring
The tape measure spring is a component
similar in shape to a steel tape measure, and is a single-layer open
cylindrical shell. A hinge structure can be designed and developed by
using its shell buckling performance. This hinge structure has unique
mechanical properties. It can use the elastic strain energy accumulated
during folding to realize the automatic expansion of the structure
without the need for other power devices; after unfolding, it can rely on
its own rigidity to provide the required large-scale expandable structure.
The locking force, without the need for additional locking device. This
kind of hinge can be used in large aerospace deployable structures, such
as deployable solar wings.
The geometric elements and
material properties of the steel tape spring. The geometric shape of the
steel tape measure is an open cylindrical shell with a certain length. Its
geometric elements include the tape thickness t, the radius of curvature
R, the angle day and the length L. These geometric elements will affect
the mechanical properties of the tape measure. The main material
properties related to mechanical properties include elastic modulus E
and Poisson's ratio. In the following analysis process, we used the
modulus of elasticity E as, Poisson's ratio is 0.3.
The hinge-driven solar wing unfolds
very smoothly, but the torsional rigidity of the hinge after bending is
insufficient and needs to be improved. In addition, because the elastic
modulus of the steel tape material is not large and its driving force is
limited, it is still difficult to use it in large-scale solar panels. Because
there is a large gap in the hinge, which will produce a large vibration, the
structure of the hinge needs to be improved.
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