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Common Rail Solenoid Valve Residual Air Gap Adjustment Gasket Shim

Common Rail Solenoid Valve Residual Air Gap Adjustment Gasket Shim
Items name : diesel injector washer
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What Is A Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor?
An engine is a crucial part of any vehicle. Internal combustion engines today use petrol or diesel as fuel. These
engines have a fuel pressure sensor in the rail known as the fuel rail pressure sensor.
It makes up a vehicle fuel system, and it’s designed to monitor the fuel’s pressure inside the rail. Once the
sensor obtains the pressure information, it sends it to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that makes the needed
adjustments to the vehicle’s fuel and timing.
The sensor measures the fuel pressure quickly and gives high accuracy results. However, if it sends wrong
information, it can interfere with the vehicle’s performance. Learn more from this guide about this sensor, its
characteristics, and other things.
Where Is The Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Located?
The fuel rail sensor is usually mounted at the fuel rail near the vehicle’s intake manifold, regardless of the fuel
mechanism of a vehicle. However, some manufacturers mount it on the fuel line. But this is very rare. Check
your vehicle’s intake manifold to see the fuel rail, pressure sensor, and injectors.