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Fit for 2005 common rail cummins injectors

Fit for 2005 common rail cummins injectors
Fuel Injectors are sized by their flow rate. Flow rate is a measurement of how
much fuel can be delivered over time. It is listed in pounds per hour (lbs./hr.) or
cubic centimeters per minute (cc/min.). The right size injector can supply
enough fuel under full load conditions at an 80% duty cycle.
How do I know what size injectors I need?
What happens if you put bigger fuel injectors?
What size injectors should I run?
Are all injectors compatible?
Transport Package:Neutral Packing
Origin: China
Car Make: Diesel Engine Car
Body Material: High Speed Steel
Certification: ISO9001
Carburettor Type: Diesel Fuel Injection Parts
Vehicle & Engine:For SCANIA engine 112 EW,HW310
#Fit for 2005 common rail cummins injectors#
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