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Fit for bosch common rail piezo diesel injectors

Fit for bosch common rail piezo diesel injectors
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The common rail injection fuel supply system consists of high pressure fuel pump, common fuel
supply pipe, fuel injector, electronic control unit (ECU) and some pipeline pressure sensors. Each
fuel injector in the system is connected to the common fuel supply through its own high pressure
fuel pipe. The pipes are connected, and the common fuel supply pipe plays a hydraulic pressure
accumulating role for the injector. When working, the high-pressure oil pump delivers the fuel to
the public fuel supply pipe at high pressure, and the high-pressure fuel pump, pressure sensor
and ECU form a closed-loop operation to achieve precise control of the oil pressure in the public
fuel supply pipe, completely changing the fuel supply pressure with the engine speed.
Phenomenon. Its main features are as follows:
1. The fuel injection timing and fuel metering are completely separated, and the fuel injection
pressure and fuel injection process are controlled by the ECU in time.
2. The fuel injection pressure of each cylinder, the starting point and duration of fuel injection can
be adjusted according to the working conditions of the engine, so as to pursue the best control
point of fuel injection.
3. High fuel injection pressure and pre-injection of diesel can be achieved.
Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have lower fuel consumption (30% lower than
gasoline engines on average), and the price of diesel is lower, so the fuel economy is better; at
the same time, the speed of diesel engines is generally lower than that of gasoline engines, and
the torque is larger than that of gasoline engines. However, its quality is high, the noise during
operation is high, the manufacturing and maintenance costs are high, and the emission is also
worse than the gasoline engine. But with the development of modern technology, these
shortcomings of diesel engines are gradually being overcome
What is the composition and working principle of the fuel supply system of IVECO?
The fuel supply system of 8140.07/27 engine is mainly composed of fuel tank, low-pressure fuel
pipe, fuel transfer pump, fuel filter, fuel injection pump (rotor distribution pump, equipped with
fuel injection advance regulator and starting enrichment device, etc.), high-pressure fuel pipe It is
composed of fuel injector and fuel injector. Among them, the structure of fuel injection pump
and fuel injector is relatively complex, the components are the most precise, and their technical
performance has the greatest impact on the work of the engine. They should be maintained and
overhauled in time and regularly during use.
The working principle of the fuel supply system is that the fuel delivery pump sucks the fuel from
the fuel tank, and after passing through the fuel filter, the remaining fuel reaches the fuel supply
pump inlet cavity. Then the fuel reaches the pressure regulating valve, which is used to adjust the
fuel pressure in the fuel injection pump; the distributor plunger further increases the oil pressure,
and sends the fuel into the fuel injector through the high-pressure fuel pipe, and the fuel leaking
from the fuel injector It is recovered by the return valve and sent back to the fuel tank.
1. Type and structure of injector:
a. According to the structure of the fuel injection port, it can be divided into: pin type, hole type
b. According to the coil resistance value: high resistance (13~16Ω), low resistance (2~3Ω)
c. According to use: MPI use, SPI use 6
d. According to the fuel position: upper fuel supply type, side fuel supply type