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The following is an introduction to our company's related
Synthetic Rubber/ Vulcanizing Agent /Accelerator /Antionxidant agent/
Antiscorching Agent /Adhesive Agent /Anti-fatigue Agent /Processing
Agent /Crosslinking Agent/ RESIN /Other Agent
Now we will introduce the products in detail
Synthetic Rubbers Factory
Product name:MCSM®Rubber (modified chlorosulfonated
polyethylene rubber)
Chemical name:Modified chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber
Uses:MCSM is a modified chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber,
its air tightness is equivalent to halogenated butyl rubber,
oil resistance is better than nitrile rubber, and has excellent
aging resistance and high temperature resistance, and various
types of rubber Olefin rubber has excellent compatibility.
Mainly used for tire sealing layer and rubber products such as
oil resistance, high temperature resistance and weather
resistance. When used in tire sealing layer, it can be
substituted for bromobutyl rubber. Due to its slow curing speed,
it is generally recommended to replace 5-10 parts. The combined
use of modified chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber can
significantly improve the processing performance of the rubber
material and increase the air tightness of the rubber material.
Rubber Vulcanizing Agents Manufacturers
product name:Rubber vulcanizing agent TCY
Foreign trade nameļ¼šVulcanizing agent F
chemical nameļ¼š Trimer thiocyanate, triazine trithiol, 1.3.5-triazine-2.4.6-trithiol,
2.4.6-trithiol thiotriazine
Rubber Accelerators Manufacturers