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The following is an introduction to our company's related
Disposable paper covers are widely
used and can be used with all
products. The products are
beautiful, fashionable, safe and
environmentally friendly. They
are used in frozen food, ice cream,
sundae, pasta, fruit, vegetables,
bread, desserts, Chinese food, It
is a necessary choice for
hamburgers, Italian food,
Japanese food and other foods. It
is a fashionable and environmentally friendly choice for high-standard
supermarkets, franchise chains, business banquets, hotel dining, family
gatherings, and birthday parties. The paper cover made of PLA material
is The most cost-effective degradable packaging products. The size of the
product is complete, and it can be customized according to your
requirements. It is used in clean conditions. It is a one-time-use product.
During use, dumping and stacking should be avoided. The use temperature
of 67mm-85mm disposable paper cover is -18 ℃ To 100℃, the use
temperature of 90mm-184mm disposable paper cover is less than 100℃, and
it needs to be kept dry at room
temperature. Some products are not
suitable for food additives containing
highly refined and ultrafine molecules,
such as refined creamer. Applicability,
food packaging test can be carried out
to ensure that it can be purchased and
used without any problems.
The disposable plastic cover
produced by Mingle Packaging is
made of PET/PP/PLA material, and
the product size includes a
67mm-200mm PET cover/salad bowl
cover/PP cover/PLA cover, etc. In
addition, we will customize
production according to your
requirements, to meet your
requirements for different sizes,
the product has a wide range of
uses, the full specification plastic cover product can meet the use of
all products with the cover, the product has high transparency, high
waterproof, high folding, and compression resistance, is frozen food, ice
cream, Sundaes, pasta, fruits, vegetables, bread, desserts, Chinese food,
hamburgers, Italian food, Japanese food, and other food are the necessary
choices for supermarkets, franchise chains, business banquets, hotel
dining, family gatherings, birthday parties The necessary choice, the
plastic cover made of PLA material is the most cost-effective degradable
packaging product. The product also needs to pay attention to
moisture-proof, anti-high temperature, anti-inversion, anti-pollution,
anti-breakage, and anti-odor during use. It is not suitable for high-acid,
high-heat greasy food, not suitable for alcoholic food, not suitable for
oven, not suitable for It is suitable for microwave heating, and the
maximum use temperature of PP is 110 °C, but from the perspective of food
safety, it is not recommended to heat it with food. In addition, when the
use temperature of PET is higher than 65°C, serious structural shrinkage
and deformation will occur.
How to use: Use in clean conditions, one-time use, avoid dumping and
stacking during use
Operating temperature: The operating temperature range of PET/PP/PLA
disposable plastic cover products is between -18°C and 110°C, of ​
which PP<100°C and PET<65°C
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