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Zhejiang Jiayi Textile

Zhejiang Jiayi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
The company has a excellent design and development team. The
products designed and developed by the company have various styles
and exquisite workmanship, which are loved by customers all over the
world. Now it has been sold to Europe, America, France, Japan and South
Korea. The enterprise adheres to the concept of people-oriented, science
and technology as the excellent productive force.
一、JY4661 rose fiber jacquard fabric
Rose fiber fabric is a fancy fabric refined from 100% rose petals.100 rose
petals can only make 1 meter of rose fiber fabric. So it is very precious!
Advantages of the fabric
①The fabric is soft-skinned and smooth has a floral fragrance and is easy
to take care
②It is dyed by plants. The fiber is bleached by the refined original color
of flowers, which is 100% pure green and naturally degradable.
二、JY4939 anti-static polyester jacquard fringed fabric
Recycled polyester fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles which are
crushed cleaned decomposed polymerized granulated and melted into
green and environment-friendly fiber.
Property: traceability protects the environment and saves resources.
三、XYM015 luxury metal embroidery tulle lace jacquard fabric
Jacquard fabrics can be divided into woven jacquard, warp knitted
jacquard and weft knitted jacquard. Among them, weft knitted jacquard
has excellent elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically, while
warp knitted and woven jacquard are not elastic when pulled
horizontally and vertically. After the woven jacquard fabric is weaved by
the unique jacquard process, the color of the bedding produced will be
very rich, and there is no need to worry that the pattern will be
monotonous, the pattern will be uneven, the three-dimensional sense
will be super strong, and the grade will be higher.
This kind of jacquard fabric has a unique texture of soft, delicate and
smooth texture. Its gloss, drape and air permeability are relatively good,
and its color fastness is also quite high, and it does not pill or fade.
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