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Romantic Color Liquid Foundation

Romantic Color Liquid Foundation
Full Coverage Foundation/Matte Base
Liquid foundation is light, easy to smear, and less greasy. It is a
popular foundation of cosmetics and is suitable for most skin. It forms a
smooth covering layer on the skin surface, which is used to cover or
conceal some facial defects, adjust the skin texture, color, and luster, play
the role of uniform skin color, make the skin color look natural and
appropriate, and also have a smooth and tender feeling. It is easy to smear,
evenly distributed, and has the characteristics of a natural appearance. To
create an ideal makeup look, you need three different foundations,
namely light color, intermediate color, and dark color. Take the middle
color as the background color of the whole face. This is the first step of
makeup. Try to choose a middle color similar to the face color. Modify
cheeks and nose with dark foundation, and pay attention to the transition
to shape the three-dimensional sense of the face. Brightening with light
color is the last step. Apply light foundation to the forehead, nose bridge,
and chin. Apply it evenly, and your face will be refreshed immediately.
lightweight liquid foundation that naturally blends into the skin (and
hydrates while you’re at it).
Buildable, blendable color!
Semi-matte finish!
Improves uneven skin tone and texture!
Hydrates the skin!
Meet your match with this skin-perfecting foundation,This highly
blendable formula goes on smooth as silk, providing medium-to-full
coverage and weightless all-day wear.
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