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Zhejiang Jiayan Commodity Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Jiayan Commodity Co., Ltd. is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, the
world's largest small commodity trading market. The company mainly
produces straws and wipes, and also produces cotton soft towels,
non-woven fabrics and other vertical products. The factory has a modern
standard workshop of about 15000 square meters, implements a fully
closed, fully air-conditioned and fully purified production environment,
and requires more than 400 front-line employees to implement strict
production hygiene standards. In addition, the factory is equipped with
more than 60 full-automatic pipette production lines, more than 10
full-automatic wet towel production lines, and more than 10 cotton soft
towel and non-woven fabric production lines, which can meet the high
capacity demand of large orders. R&D and innovation is the company's
unchanging purpose. Our products are packaged in a variety of forms.
ZG01- JIAYAN Biodegradable Multicolor Straight Drinking Paper Straws
JIAYAN Biodegradable Colorful Straight Drinking Paper Straws are printed
in full solid colour with a multi-colour mix, and are bright and non-fading.
We strictly control the quality of our products, and the raw materials we
purchase are up to European and American standards, such as printing
pigments, straw paper and glue, so consumers can use them with peace
of mind! The straws can be customized to meet different functions. The
straws can be customised in length and thickness to suit different
functions. Fine workmanship, quality choice. Zhejiang Jiayan Commodities
Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!
ZG02- JIAYAN Fruit Pattern Recyclable Party Drinking Printing Paper Straw
JIAYAN's Creative Cartoon Fruit Pattern Series Paper Straws, size in
6*197mm, are available in a variety of pattern styles such as pineapple,
apple and watermelon, bringing consumers a strong tropical flavour. Our
paper straws are produced with experience and excellent craftsmanship,
resulting in smooth, burr-free cuts and good palatability. We have a
professional design team to help with design, welcome to consult!
3. ZG03-JIAYAN Eco-friendly Christmas Series Paper Drinking Straws
JIAYAN Christmas Series Paper Drinking Straws are designed with red,
green and white colours and various Christmas elements such as
Christmas trees, snowflakes and bells, bringing consumers a strong festive
atmosphere. The straws are made from thickened paper made from
imported food grade virgin wood pulp and the paper is tightly pressed
between the sheets and has good water resistance. It has been tested
that the straws can remain stable and undeformed for at least 24 hours
even when soaked in drinks from 0°C to 60°C, giving the user peace of
mind. Our company has many years of experience in OEM/ODM service,
and we are looking forward to working with you!
No. 10, Wei Ya Road, Shang Xi Industrial Zone, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
[email protected]