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Fit for Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G93

Fit for Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G93 for Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G64
For Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G63
for Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G54 for Rotor Head Mitsubishi 4G32
For Injection pump Head rotor lsuzu 4LE2
For Injection pump Head rotor lsuzu 4LE1 How does a diesel rotary fuel pump work?
When the diesel fuel is put into the pump, one end allows the fuel to move into the chamber
where the combustion will take place and the other end is where the plunger is located. As the
plunger moves back and forth, it leaves an opening for the fuel to go into the combustion
chamber while moving backwards.
The work principle of injection pump head rotor
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100% test before leaving the factory, using sealed packaging to ensure product safety and
Using vacuum hardening technology, the product quality is robust, standard size, easy to install
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Reduce co2 emissions, reduce noise, improve fuel economy, better reliability and stability.
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