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Stainless Steel Heating Tube

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Tubular electric heaters are made up of resistance wires protected by a
metal shell and buried in pressed magnesium oxide powder.
Especially for metal tubes, which are subjected to thermal and
mechanical stresses as well as corrosion, we offer a wide range of tube
diameters (6.25-16 mm) and materials: stainless steel, incoloy, inconel,
cronifer, carbon steel, copper, titanium and other special materials.
Stainless Steel Heating Tube
Aluminium heating disc refers to the liquid aluminium alloy is shot
quickly into the mould cavity through die-casting machine, and the
pre-buried heating pipe is wrapped to get the corresponding casting, the
casting has excellent dimensional accuracy, can be directly casting the
internal structure, and is suitable for casting the complex structure; there
are disc, dish, bowl, cup;
Aluminium heating plate has the advantages of beautiful appearance
and decoration; long service life; corrosion resistance and no rust; good
thermal conductivity and fast heating; high temperature resistance and
oxidation resistance; stable and not easy to deform.
Aluminum Heating Plate
Heating Plate Of Rice Cooker
Heating Plate Of The Blender Machine
Chef Machine Heating Plate
Aluminium die casting refers to is the liquid aluminium alloy through the
die casting machine rapid injection into the mould cavity, get the
corresponding castings;
Aluminium die casting parts can make all kinds of complex shape,
difficult die casting parts, also can make high precision and finish, thus
largely reduce the casting of the amount of machining and metal
aluminium or aluminium alloy casting allowance.
Aluminium die casting parts are widely used in automobile
manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorbike
manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing,
transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, garden
landscaping, electric power construction, building decoration and other
Aluminum Die Casting Products
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