Fölregistrering AES eller Zangersheide / Hemeralds föl

Fölregistrering AES eller Zangersheide / Hemeralds föl
Kontakta oss så fort fölet är fött så gör vi klart betäckningsbeviset och berättar hur du
går tillväga för att registrera ditt föl antingen i Zangersheide eller AES.
Fölets namn måste börja på H och får vara max 16 tecken med mellanslag
Registrerings kostnad i Zangersheide är 150 euro ink DNA
Medlemsavgift 60 euro
There is one rate for all foals, irrespective of their papers. This rate is inclusive of foal
registration, DNA examination and European passport.
All foals which are the result of service by a stallion licensed in any studbook which is a
member of WBFSH, can be registered at birth with Studbook Zangersheide vzw.
To register your foal you send the fully completed service certificate/notification of birth within
two weeks after the birth of the foal to
The name of the foal should start with the first letter of its sire and cover 16 positions at a
maximum, including spaces and compulsory Z-suffix.
If the dam is not yet know to Studbook Zangersheide, please enclose a copy of her ancestry
After Studbook Zangersheide has received the notification of birth, we send you all
material so your veterinarian can take DNA and make drawings of the foal
The mare's owner / owner of the foal will receive the European passport of the foal within 3
months after the notification of birth, but only if the registration fee is paid.
To register a foal with Studbook Zangersheide, the following requirements should be met:
Submit original notification of birth to Studbook Zangersheide and state the name of the foal
Submit copy of the dam's ancestry papers to Studbook Zangersheid
Sire must be licensed under a studbook recognized by WBFSH
As Studbook Zangersheide prefers to leave nothing to fate, every foal will undergo DNAtesting, bot for the sire's and the dam's side.
List of rates Studbook Zangersheide vzw rates
Membership per year 60 euro
Registration of foals 150 euro
Participation in Z-Festival 75 euro
Change of ownership in passport 17,25 euro
New passport (upon loss) 30,00 euro
Stallion selection – entry 500,00 euro
Registration mare free
All prices are inclusive of V.A.T.