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ULSAM Research Proposal Form
Institutionen för folkhälsooch vårdvetenskap, Enheten
för geriatrik
Dag Hammarskjöldsv. 14B
Uppsala Science Park
751 85 Uppsala
The proposed project should be sent by e-mail to Vilmantas Giedraitis,
([email protected]). A screening committee will review the
proposal and decision is taken in ICTUS.
ICTUS (Interdisciplinary Collaboration Team on Uppsala longitudinal Studies)
is a group of researchers working on the longitudinal studies at the Section of
Geriatrics, Uppsala University.
Date of submission:
Department of Public Health
and Caring Sciences,
Section of Geriatrics
Visiting address:
Dag Hammarskjöldsv. 14B
Postal address:
Uppsala Science Park
SE-751 85 Uppsala
Title of proposed project:
Main investigator:
E-mail address:
Telephone number:
Names of other investigators (if any):
Investigator responsible for writing the manuscript:
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ULSAM Research Proposal Form
Description of the proposed project (1–3 pages)
Research aim/hypothesis
Subjects and methods
Samples needed for analysis
[Please specify amount of plasma, serum, urine, DNA or other samples which are required for this project.]
Data/variables needed for analysis
[Please specify which variables/variable groups, registry or other type of data are reuired for the analysis.]
Significance of project
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